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At the age of 15, I realized I was blessed with the creative vision to transform every occasion into art and use my visual arts skills to create something that you and I could treasure for a lifetime. There is a unique chemistry between my camera and myself. I love my camera. An average person will pick up a camera and not understand and cherish the gifts and abilities that a camera has. As I grew older, I realized that when I got behind my camera, I felt as if the camera was my mask, and I was there to reveal its gifts.

I feel my photographic message is a powerful one that my audience has no choice but to address. Banksy stated, "Art is supposed to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." I follow this quote every time I'm producing a work of art. If my work doesn't give you some emotion or feeling, I have not done my job as a photographer. My work currently focuses on ongoing issues in the African –American community. I attempt to break down old barriers and stereotypes and encourage my community to receive the proper recognition that they truly deserve. I believe my photographic work uplifts people and also promotes new acceptance and self-love.

I genuinely believe that it is my responsibility as a photographer to uplift and make all of my subjects feel comfortable in front of my camera. I know something is emerging in my work and is waiting to come out.

My photography is compelling.

My photography is art. 

My photography represents me. 


I am eager to follow this path and expand my knowledge in visual arts.

Keara Wilson


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